a) What is Utkarsh Bangla?

On 16th February, 2016 the Government of West Bengal introduced a Flagship Scheme called “Utkarsh Bangla” in the State of West Bengal for the entire Skill Development interventions to provide wage/ self-employment linked skills training to the residents of the State. It is run by PBSSD (Paschim Banga Society for Skill Development) an initiative of Department of Technical Education, Training & Skill Development, Government of West Bengal. Govt. organizes the training at free of cost.

b) Swapno Bhor : “Swapno Bhor”, a convergence programme for skill development of Kanyashree Girls, to provide opportunity to Kanyashree Girls to gain skills & knowledge to become economically independent through Utkarsh Bangla programme of the Government. Kanyshree Girls will have priority in the admission in Skill Development Courses under Utkarsh Bangla.

c) Traveling Allowance: Incentive to the Trainees is provided by the Govt. Rupees 50 per day after successful competition training.

Training Details:

Objective of Utkarsh Bangla?
Main objectives are:
To make self-dependent or employable by providing short term industry related free training to the Drop outs or Unemployed youths.
Ensure a steady flow of skilled workers for Industry
Encourage for Self-employment and Entrepreneurship

What are the various sector and job-roles covered under Utkarsh Bangla?
Utkarsh Bangla covers more than 200 job-roles under the various sectors. You may know about the different sectors covered and the corresponding job roles by exploring the sectors and job roles at

Training Duration:
Training duration varies from 400 hours to 1200 hours and depends on Course. Training session may varies from 2/4/6 hours in a day and 4/5/6 days in a week.

Training Partners and Training Centers:
To know your training centers and job role please search at

Eligibility: Any resident of West Bengal attending age of 14 years or above. Minimum educational qualification is course specific and varies from class VIII to Upper educational qualifications.

How to apply: For log in please visit For assistance [ Please upload the document “SWAPNO BHOR_Registration Process.pdf ” ]

Officials: For further details and assistance please contact nearby SDO/BDO office.

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