Present Scenario of NCLP scheme at Purba Medinipur District and Action taken to reduce child labour during last survey in March 2020.

NCLP was one of the vibrant schemes since 1996 under undivided Midnapur district which was implemented separately in Purba Midnapur after division made in 2002. Since then Ministry of Labour and Employment, Govt. of India sanctioned 35 special training centers in this district for withdrawal and rehabilitation of child labour.

  • Total 30 out of 35 Special Training Centres (STCs) are functioning presently, a bridge educational course, counseling, vocational training supports are provided to the children rescued from different work industries for maximum 2 years and mainstreamed to formal school at the age appropriate class.
  • NCLP STCs conduct various activities to proclaim awarenessa gainst child labour in various communities under the supervision of District Project Society (DPS). In this regard regular field visit, special observation, home visit done by NCLP staff especially in child labour prone area, special focus given on conducting various activities like street play, puppet show, procession both at community and in DPS level in collaboration with District Child Protection Unit., conduct meeting regularly with the parents of child labour at community in order to generate awareness against child labour.
  • Besides these educational support vocational training in various trades i.e. Teddy bear making, Door mat making, handmade fan making etc. are provided to all the NCLP students especially those who close to the age of 14 years so that by utilizing these skills children can get chance to avail a fare livelihood opportunity after completing 18 years of age.
  • Children are rescued from different work trade like – Cashew industry, Garment factory, Rag picking, Restaurants, Brick Kilns, Cement factory, Agricultural labour etc.
  • Over 4887 children i.e. on an average over 400 children per year have been withdrawn from various industries and mainstreamed to formal schools since 2008.
  • Total student strength was 1130 and 491, 584 students were mainstreamed respectively in 2018-19 and 2019-2020 Financial year. All these students and their family members have been linked with various state and central govt. schemes like Mid- Day meal, Social security schemes from Labour Dept. etc.

As per revised guideline Last survey was conducted in this district in 2019-2020 in 3 years duration. Total 3015 children have been identified between 6- 18 years age group in different trade, out of this 1417 children were identified between the age group 9- 14 years who were engaged in various vulnerable and non-vulnerable occupation. In this scenario we have taken various measures to reduce the child labour issue during last survey.

Focused group discussion (FGD) –

During the process of survey NCLP staff arranged focused group discussion separately with guardians of children and also with their employers where they work in order to address child labour at community level, this tool is very helpful for spreading awareness in community with effective manner.

Awareness generating activities –

We have conducted various activities like street play, puppet show, and procession along with placard, poster and banner for spreading community level awareness widely. All these activities have been designed and conducted by the students of NCLP STC under the guidance and supervision of volunteer teachers and vocational trainers.

Visiting child labour household and employers frequently –

NCLP staffs have visited and established a close connection with child labour family and employer, making them aware about the negative impact of child labour on a child, violation of child rights, and various measures that we could take to eradicate child labour. We also informed them about the role of NCLP STCs to address child labour.

Community level observation –

A team has been prepared with local administration, Panchayat officials, members of NGO, village chief, members of village level child protection committee etc. to reduce dropout as well as to eradicate child labour. This team work as safety net that protect a child from laborer, trafficking etc. and ensure an effective environment for the development of a child in community. NCLP staffs along with this team visit and supervise frequently to several employers and child labour family to inform them about the legal steps could be taken against them if they engage/ encourage to engage any child as labour.

Official and Staffs :

Sl. No. Name Designation Contact No. E-Mail
1 Arnab Singha Chowdhury Project Director 9804337313 arnab.asutosh[at]gmail[dot]com
2 Subhadip Jana Clerk-Cum-Accountant 9932916570 subhadipjana88[at]gmail[dot]com
3 Surajit Samanta DEO 9609330831 Surajitbabu54[at]gmail[dot]com
4 Jayanti Pati Peon