Roll Revision

Schedule of Summary Revision of Photo Electoral Rolls, 2023 :

Sl No. Activity Period
1. Publication of Integrated Draft Electoral Roll On 9th November, 2022 (Wednesday)
2. Period for filing claims and objections

9th November, 2022 (Wednesday) to 8th December, 2022 (Thursday) 

3. Special Campaign Dates

12th November, 2022 (Saturday)
13th November, 2022 (Sunday)
19th November, 2022 (Saturday)
20th November, 2022 (Sunday)
26th November, 2022 (Saturday)
27th November, 2022 (Sunday)
3rd December, 2022 (Saturday)
4th December, 2022 (Sunday)

4. Final Publication of Electoral Roll 5th January, 2023 (Thursday)

Different kind of forms :

Form – 6 Form – 6B Form – 7 Form – 8
Inclusion of New Voters For furnishing the Aadhaar number of the electors Objection / Seeking deletion of names

Shifting of Residence / Correction of Particulars / Replacement of EPIC / Marking of PWD

For downloading the forms

List of Claims and Objections :
List of Claims and Objections for SRER-2023 are available Public view through the link:

Search facility of electoral details :

Through Online you can Search your electoral details